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 Paul Cézanne University
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COnnaissance DEcision et Pilotage
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Ontologies, Agents and Services oriented Information Systems.


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As an associate Professor in computer science at Paul Cezanne University - Aix-Marseille III, I currently work at the Laboratory LSIS (L6) for my researches and at the Faculty of Applied Economics for my teaching load.

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After a Master in Computer Science at University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, I undertook a research master degree at Aix-marseille III University in the field of artificial intelligence and cognitive science. With this diploma I spent a period of one year in the Mediterranean Institute of Water in the field of knowledge management. Then, in 1997, I undertook a PhD in the field knowledge engineering at the Aix-Marseille III University, obtained in january of 2000. Following a one-year experience in computer services company, for application development, I joined the Tech-CICO team in the University of Technology of Troyes (UTT). During this year of postdoctoral position, I worked in the field of knowledge engineering and management before taking a position as an associate professor at the Paul Cézanne - Aix-Marseille III University in 2002.

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22 Novembre 2011
David Guéron will defend his phd thesis : Activity Modeling and Flight Profil Agregation

2012 of May
INFORSID congress in Montpellier