Underwater Photogrammetry
Task Group

What should be a CIPA Task Group dedicated to underwater survey for CH?
There is a lot (but not so much) team around the world dealing with underwater photogrammetry for archaeological survey. But underwater survey is also relevant for marine biology and also for Offshore and other industrial application. New advanced photogrammetry and computer vision techniques, originally dedicated to terrestrial applications, can be used underwater with some slight modifications (as for underwater camera calibration); On the other hand, teams from underwater robotic after working with 2D mosaic generation and using SLAM technics to guide ROV are now using fully photogrammetric approach for both surveying and ROV guiding … Underwater photogrammetry is becoming more and more important and a special focus on this specific use of photogrammetry should be relevant in the context of CIPA. Beyond the use of photogrammetry to survey underwater sites, the connection with the domain knowledge is becoming crucial.
The development of knowledge formalization with ontology is already tested in marine archaeology to try to represent a knowledge underlying a 3D model. The use of specific ontology developed for CH as CRM CIDOC should be followed also in underwater survey context. This task group should be is a place for sharing experience, tools, question and methodology …

You should found in this web site:
- A strong bibliography (with a restricted area for some paper) dedicated to this topic,
- A potential showcase for the archaeological teams to promote their work,
- An updated list of relevant link,
- A platform for exchanging with other domains that share same needs (Marine biology, Underwater Geology, Offshore …) or where specific knowledge and methods developed for underwater photogrammetry can be exported.