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Personal Data

Jean-Paul André Gauthier,
Born: 17 Février 1952,
Personal address: 37 rue Davoust, 83100, Toulon, France.
Family: Married, 4 children.

Academic Situation

Position: Professor, extraordinary class, 2.
Teaching Institution: Université de Toulon, Bat R, BP 20132, 83957 LA GARDE CEDEX.
Research Institution: LSIS (Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Information et des Systèmes), Unité mixte de recherche CNRS 7296, Marseille.


  • Ingénieur ENSIMAG, 1975,

  • DEA Informatique, 1976,

  • Docteur ingénieur, 1978,

  • Docteur és Sciences Physiques, 1982,

  • Habilitation á diriger des recherches, 1984,


  • 1980: Attaché de recherche au CNRS,

  • 1982: Chargé de recherche au CNRS,

  • 1984: Chargé de recherche 1ere classe,

  • 1987: Professeur, Université de Lyon I,

  • 1991: Professeur INSA de ROUEN,

  • 1992: Professeur 1ere classe,

  • 1992: Member of IUF (Institut Universitaire de France),

  • sept. 1997: Université de Dijon,

  • sept. 2001: Professeur classe exceptionnelle 1,

  • sept. 2005: Professeur classe exceptionnelle 2,

  • sept. 2008: Université de Toulon.


Medal of Institut Universitaire de France, 1992.
"Featured review" of the American Mathematical Society, for the paper [89] with A. Agrachev.
Plenary Lecture at the centennial anniversary of Lev Semenovitch Pontriaguin, june, 2008,
Medal for the organization of the session "Geometric Control" (with U. Boscain and A. Agrachev), at this centennial anniversary.
Medal of "Institut National des Sciences Appliquées", 1992.
I was under a "contrat d'encadrement doctoral" from 1990 to 2010. I got PES from 2011.

Some recent facts (from 2009):

  1. Organizer of the « International conference on Mathematical Control Theory and Mechanics », Susdal, July 3-7 2009, Russia. Co-editor of the proceedings.

  2. ANR GCM (Head: J.P. Gauthier, 230.000 Euros).

  3. Member of the ERC Starting Grant GeCo-Methods, Head: Ugo Boscain, (9 members, 750.000 Euros).

  4. FUI Project "SHARE", with EUROCOPTER, (307.000 Euros)

  5. Project "PARE", with Direction Générale de l'Armement, (approx. 200.000 Euros)

  6. Organizer of the « Workshop on Nonlinear Control and Singularities », Porquerolles, Var (83), France, October 24-28th 2010.

  7. Organizer of MCTM 2011 (Mathematical Control Theory and Mechanics), Susdal, Russia, July 2011.

  8. Scientific committee, INDAM Meeting « Geometric Control and Subriemannian Geometry », Cortona, Italy, May 2012.

  9. Scientific committee, Mathematical Control in Trieste MCT, 2013.

  10. Organization of two workshops and thematic days at the trimester IHP « Subriemannian Geometry », sept-dec 2014.

  11. Course at Baikal Lake, july 2015.

  12. Responsible of pole 3, ANR SRGI, 2015.

Administration and academic functions

  • Member of several commissions ("commissions de spécialistes") in sections 61, 63, 25, 26, 27 as internal and external member, up to 2008.

  • Member and president of several selection commitees from 2008 on.

  • Local head (Dijon) for the CTS Marie-Curie training site, up to the end.

  • Associate editor of COCV (Control, Optimization and Calculus of Variations) up to 2008.

  • Communicating editor of JDCS (Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems).

  • Organiser of the Seminar on Control Theory in Toulon.

  • Several expert activities, in France and abroad.


Organization of Teaching

  • Responsible (up to 2008) for several teaching activities in Mathematics, Engineering, Computer science, at all levels (recently: Research Master STIC, Dijon, Professional Master SEA, Dijon)

  • Conception of various diploma (recently, Research and professional Master STIC in Dijon, Master « Vision-commande » in Toulon).

Personal teaching activities

  • Mathematics, Control Engineering, Control Theory, Chemical Engineering, Applied Computer Science, at all levels

  • Presently Teaching Mathematics (1st year), Control Engineering (2nd year), Control Theory (Research Master), Motion Planning (Master).

PHD adviser

About 35 PHD Theses, in Mathematics, Control Engineering, Computer Sciences, Chemical Engineering, NeuroSciences.
The last ones: Ulysse Serres (now Maitre de Conférences in Lyon I), control engineering, 2006, Bastien Berret, NeuroSciences, 2008, now MCF in Paris 11, Salowa Methnani, Waste water treatment plants, 2012.
September 2013: Alain Ajami (Control of Drones), Thibault Maillot (Control of Drones).
Starting 2012/2013: Ouazna Oukacha (Optimization of Consumption for Electric Vehicules), H. Bohi (Pattern Recognition against Piratery).
Starting 2014: M. A. Lagache (Inverse problems in control theory).

Industrial activities

Contracts with several private companies. Creation of the company RSI, in Grenoble, with 3 colleagues of CNRS. It is now a subcompany of the French Petroleum Institute (IFP).
Scientific Adviser of the French SHELL company for 7 years.


  • Contract and PHD thesis with CEA (French National Nuclear Research Center), on the "Laser Megajoule" project.
    Starting in 2015: Ph.D. thesis of V. Dutto.

  • PHD thesis with CNES (National Center for Spatial Studies) on "the effects of zero gravity on the human-being behavior".

  • SHARE project FUI, (307.000 Euro), 2 theses , 1 Post-Doc, Pôle PACA PEGASE, with Eurocopter, THALES, OPERA-Ergonomie.

  • PARE project, with Direction Générale de l'Armement, OPERA-Ergonomie. 1 Post-doc, 1 Thesis.

Licences: Recently (with CEA) Licence XD0128, "méthode de mesure d'objets bicouches en 3D, par une méthode d'ombroscopie optique à une seule vue", (2008).

Research activities

My research topics are: Geometric Control Theory, Optimal Control, Control on Lie Groups, Observability, Real applications of Control Theory, specially in the field of chemical engineering, Image Processing, Quantum Control, Robotics.


I wrote 2 books (last one at Cambridge University Press), and I am editor or coeditor of a certain number of books and proceedings.
I wrote about 130 papers in scientific journals or collective books
Most important journals: SIAM journal on Control, PLOS computational Biology, Chemical Engineering Science, Journal of Functional Analysis, IEEE Trans Aut. Control, IEEE Trans. Information Theory, Annales Institut Henri Poincaré), Communications in Mathematical Physics.


I have been invited speaker all over the world, for conferences, seminars, lectures, summer schools, workshops or just scientific collaboration.
-Plenary lecture for the centennial anniversary of Pontriaguin, Moscow, 2008,
-Invited speaker at the "workshop on Mathematical Control Theory and Finance", Lisbon 2007,
-Hokaido University November 2010,
-Liverpool University, 2011-2012,
-Morelia University, Mexico, January 2012,
-INDAM Meeting, Cortona, Italy, May 2012.
-Workshop on Neuro-geometry in Telc – 11-15/17-2012,
-Vienna, Erwin Schrödinger Institute, january 2015
-Course at Baikal Lake, july 2015,

Organization of Conferences

I was organizer or member of the scientific committee and/or coeditor of proceedings of a number of international conferences (about 20).

  • several workshops at Banach Center (Poland),

  • workshop on "Mathematical Control Theory and Finance", Lisbon, 2007,

  • International conference on Mathematical control Theory and Mechanics, Susdal, July 3-5 2009, July 1-5 2011, Russia,

  • Workshop on Nonlinear Control and Singularities, Porquerolles, Var (83), France, October 24th-28th, 2010.

  • International Conference on Control and Optimization of Nonholonomic Systems, Pereslav, Russia, July 2011,

  • INDAM Meeting on Geometric Control Theory and sub-Riemannian Geometry, Cortona, Italy, May 21-25 2012.

  • From September 2014 on, I am co-organizer (scientific committee and organization of 2 worshops) of a « Trimester IHP on Subriemannian Geometry »

  • Mathematical Control Theory in Trieste MCT, December 2-6, 2013 (scientific committee)

  • Program at the Schrödinger Institute in Vienna during the first half of 2015, « Infinite Dimensionnal Riemmanian Geometry with Applications to Image Matching and Shape Analysis ».