Workshop on

Nonlinear Control and Singularities

Porquerolles, Var (83), France,

October 24th-28th, 2010

Announcement:Proceedings of the Workshop

We plan to publish proceedings of the Workshop in Journal of Mathematical Sciences, edited by Springer.
You can find LaTeX files here.


Sunday Oct 24th: arrival of the participants.

  Monday Oct 25th Tuesday Oct 26th Wednesday Oct 27th
8h50-9h50 Gamkrelidze R. Duits R. Jean F.
10h00-10h25 Ardentov A. Shutkina T. Barilari D.
10h30-11h00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
11h00-12h00 Mason P. Davydov A. Chittaro F.
12h10-14h00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14h00-15h00 Cherbakova N. Laurent C. Social activity
15h10-15h40 Coffee break Coffee break
15h40-16h40 Sachkov Y. Chambrion T.
16h50-17h15 Mashtakov A. Charlot G.
From 19h15 Dinner Dinner
From 20h00 Social dinner

Thursday Oct 28th, Friday Oct 29th: visit to Toulon University

Abstracts, slides and movies

Book of abstracts

  • Revaz Gamkrelidze, Invariant form of the Maximum Principle.
  • Andrei Ardentov, Extremal trajectories and Maxwell points in sub-Riemannian problem on the Engel group, MOVIE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Paolo Mason, About Polynomial Instability of Linear Switched Systems.
  • Nataliya Shcherbakova, Optimal control of a dissipative 2-level quantum system.
  • Yuri Sachkov, Symmetries and Maxwell points in the plate-ball problem and other invariant optimal control problems on Lie groups governed by the pendulum, MOVIE.
  • Alexei Mashtakov, Asymptotics of exponential mapping and limit behavior of Maxwell points in the plate-ball problem.

  • Remco Duits, Left Invariant Evolutions on Lie Groups and their applications to image analysis.
  • Tatiana Shutkina, Existence and uniqueness of optimal cyclic process with discount.
  • Alexey Davydov, Generic profit singularities of cyclic processes.
  • Camille Laurent, Bilinear control of nonlinear Schröedinger and wave equation .
  • Thomas Chambrion, Approximate controllability of the bilinear Schrödinger equation.
  • Gregoire Charlot, On the existence of planar curves minimizing length and curvature.

  • Frederic Jean, Optimal control models of the goal-oriented human locomotion.
  • Davide Barilari, On the Hausdorff volume in Sub-Riemannian geometry.
  • Francesca Chittaro, Quantum control via adiabatic theory.
  • Photos from the Workshop

    Photos by T. Shutkina (ZIP, 292 MB)

    Local Organizers

    Ulysse Serres (Lyon)
    Francesco Rossi (Marseille)
    Jean-Paul Gauthier (Toulon)
    Ugo Boscain (Paris)
    Yacine Chitour (Paris)

    Supported by

    ERC GeCoMethods